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Antony Claude is Tony Stone 's right hand man and has been working with him and his mafia family from the beginning but he later betrays the stone family.


Anton Claude is Tony Stone 's right-hand-man and has been there for Tony since the beginning.He was present when the inferno's messenger met with tony stone when inferno proposed a deal which will give the Melanie square an area controlled by the Stone family to inferno.He even threatened the messenger to leave.He was again present during the meeting with Claudia that was infact an ambush to kill Claudia and inferno agents however Ein was able snipe down stone's men but was not able to kill Anton and Tony.When they returned they saw the dead bodies of Eva and Duke Stone's that were asassinated by Zwei . Inferno later bribes Anton to kill Tony. Anton accepts and kills Tony and Simon Gant took credit for it.


At first he appeared to be extreamly loyal to Tony stone and his mafia family and talked to inferno agents with disrespect and even some times threatned them.However it is later revealed that he wanted get out of the city and the mafia and worked for infeno to kill Tony Stone.

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