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Cal Devensis the third main character in the series and, like Reiji and Elen (Ein), she is a Phantom assassin for Inferno using the name Drei. She first appears in during the second arch after her sister is killed.


Cal has innocent green eyes and somewhat unruly blond hair worn in pigtails and bangs framing her face She first wore a worn out green trenchcoat over a faded red/pink shirt and brown short shorts. She is fairly small in stature and has a childlike body. Reiji bought her a dress which she chose to save for special occasions.

After the 2 1/2 year time skip Cal's appearance has changed dramatically, She ha grown considerably tall and has a very womanly figure with multiple curves and cleveage showing. Her appearance is that of a sexy motorcycle queen. Cal's hair had grown longer in which she tied it into a ponytail with two long bangs on the side of her face and she is seen to be wearing a red jacket over what seems to be a black corset.

This is accompanied by black skin-tight pants/leggings. Her jacket has what seems to be black pads on her shoulders and is left open which shows her well developed clevage. Her leggings also have those same -but this time red- pads on her outer thighs. She has a red full-face motorcycle helmet which she uses when riding her red motorcycle but, she isn't seen wearing it when she went to her last battle.

To those who only look at the picture and see this sentence BASICALLY SHES ILLEGAL WAIFU MATERIAL.

History Edit

Cal Devens found by Reiji (Zwei) at her sisters murder site. Cal wants revenge and Reiji can give it to her.She tried to hire Zwei, thinking he was a killer for justice, by using money she had unknowingly stolen from Inferno. Zwei tries to hide her from Inferno but is unsuccessful and in a move to save her life asks that she becomes his assistant as he had been to Ein. He reluctantly shows her the cruel harsh world of the underground and teaches her how to use a gun.

But when a ghost shows up from the past and throws Reiji's boss in a tight situation, Reiji's life and those he cares about are killed. Reiji's hideout was bombed in an attempt to kill him but Cal was out there when it happened.

Zwei took her for dead and was forced to leave America to go into hiding. Cal had waited for him to return and he never did and she began to believe that she had been left behind by Zwei and was manipulated by an exonerated Scythe, who turned her beliefs into full hatred for Zwei and trained her as his third assassin, Drei. Cal would come to track Reiji (Zwei) and Elen (Ein) down in Japan. The past comes to the light.



  • Drei means 'three' in German.

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