Cal devens 1


Cal has innocent green eyes and somewhat unruly blond hair worn in pigtails and bangs framing her face She first wore a worn out green trenchcoat over a faded red/pink shirt and brown short shorts. She is fairly small in stature and has a childlike body. Reiji bought her a dress which she chose to save for special occasions.

After the 2 1/2 year time skip Cal's appearance has changed dramatically, She ha grown considerably tall and has a very womanly figure with multiple curves and cleveage showing. Her appearance is that of a sexy motorcycle queen. Cal's hair had grown longer in which she tied it into a ponytail with two long bangs on the side of her face and she is seen to be wearing a red jacket over what seems to be a black corset. This is accompanied by black skin-tight pants/leggings. Her jacket has what seems to be black pads on her shoulders and is left open which shows her well developed clevage. Her leggings also have those same -but this time red- pads on her outer thighs. She has a red full-face motorcycle helmet which she uses when riding her red motorcycle but, she isn't seen wearing it when she went to her last battle.




  • Drei means 'three' in German.

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