Claudia McCunnen (クロウディアマッキェネン) is a supporting character in the Phantom Requiem anime and manga. She is one of the three executives of Inferno.                     


Claudia is a attractive woman with waist-length golden hair and golden eyes. She often wears a purple outfit consisting of a skirt and a jacket that reveals her large bust.


A cunning and beautiful woman, she is one of the three top executives of Inferno (A wheeler-dealer to the highest level of organization) and is shown to be extremely wealthy. Claudia, being quickly drawn to Zwei, befriends him and uses him in order to get ahead in the organization and achieve her ultimate goal.

It was through her that Zwei learns about his former identity, thus, she is able to successfully manipulate him into joining her. She is also potentially quite the schemer and manipulator of people for her own agenda.

She has a troubled past that she has all but put behind her and quickly takes a liking to Zwei. Her nickname, "Clau" ("Kuro"), means "black" in Japanese.


Claudia and Reiji (Zwei)

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